About Pet City

At Pet City, The Welfare Of Our Pets Is Paramount

But some individuals seek do seek to tear us down and defame our good nature.

In the past Pet City have used social media and our website comments area to engage in open discussions with our customers. However, some ill-informed individuals and representatives of various animal activist groups have chosen to use and abuse these mediums for the purpose of making false and misleading claims.

They have attempted to take advantage of our social media platforms and audience to promote their own agendas, their causes, express their own opinions and make false accusations about Pet City, and the Pet Industry in general, to our audience and incite debate and generally create conflict within the grounds of the Pet City online properties.

So due to the actions of these few we have been forced to close down the comments and public posting on our online properties to prevent our website being hijacked and used by individuals and groups to exploit our audience as means to express their own ill-informed and damaging personal views.

The following is a statement by Pet City that generally covers the topics of our views and policies which we take very seriously about the welfare and responsibility of our finned, scaly, furry and feathered friends.

  1. Pet City will never have any dealings with illegal puppy farms. To the contrary, should any information in relation to illegal puppy farms come to the attention of Pet City we would inform the relevant authorities immediately.
  2. The health and wellbeing of all of our livestock is paramount in all Pet City stores and we do investigate where our livestock originates from and we only deal with humane and approved breeders.
  3. Pet City obtains livestock through a variety of local and interstate breeders and local animal rescue group. Over the course of many years we have forged strong relationships with many breeders for the whole range of different livestock. We also find loving homes for those abandoned animals often left outside Pet City Stores.
  4. Whilst Pet City supports the need for freedom of speech, investigations into posts made on our Facebook page have confirmed these posts to be untruthful, misleading and defamatory in their claims. It is our intent to pursue the people posting these untruthful, misleading and defamatory claims with the intention of bringing legal action against them.
  5. We would like to thank our many loyal customers for their support and expressing their disgust at these false and misleading posts.
  6. Pet City does support and work with a refuge group and part proceeds from the rehoming fees of kittens and puppies goes towards the care of less fortunate animals.
  7. Pet City seeks to assist and educate our customers on proper pet care and the process to purchase a new pet is taken very seriously, all customers are vetted to ensure that they understand the responsibility of pet ownership and if staff feel that a customer is not an appropriate match for the animal or that the animal will not be correctly cared for then they are refused the sale.
  8. All of the above statements are based on fact. Pet City will not enter into on-line discussions or forums, however should individuals or groups require more information on any Pet City policies we are more than happy to answer these questions. Please direct them to Pet City Administration by using the contact Form here >>