Did you know that all of the Pet City stores carry a large range of Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Fish Bowls, Pumps and accessories as well as a complete range of Water Treatments, Decorations and Fish Foods, including Live and Frozen Foods?

We also carry an extensive range of aquarium fish to suit any aquarium, large or small, whether you’re a beginner or experienced aquarists.

PET CITY ALSO OFFER IN STORE AQUARIUM WATER TESTING. Bring your water sample in and we can test it for you.

Taking Your Fish Home

  • Before buying any new fish, properly cycle your tank with established good bacteria. You want to make sure your tank water is fully cycled to avoid ammonia spikes and algae blooms. Cycling can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the size of your tank and the type of fish you are selecting.
  • Turn off aquarium light and dim the lights in the room where your fish’s new aquarium or bowl is located. Do this before you bring your new fish home, many fish are sensitive to light and may be traumatized by a sudden change in lighting.
  • Keep your new fish away from direct sunlight or away from your vehicle’s heating or cooling source on your way home from the store. These heat sources will cause the water’s temperature to fluctuate much faster than the fish can handle. Plan to drive directly home after your purchase – do not leave your fish in the car for a prolonged period.
  • Place the unopened bag, including the fish and the water it came in, inside your aquarium or bowl. Let the bag float on or just below the surface of the tank water, acclimatizing the fish to the tank water. This process should take at least 15 minutes.
  • Finally, open the fish’s carrying bag and slowly allow the tanks water to spill into the bag, this should take a few minutes. Hold up one open end of the bag just above the water level and allow your new fish to swim out when it is ready.

Choosing the right aquarium setup for you

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