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If you’re looking for a New Bird in WA then you have found the right place.

Now with 11 Pet City Superstores located across Western Australia we always have a great range of bird breeds available to suit any aviary, big or small. Pet City stores carry a wide range of commonly kept birds for sale and occasionally we get some extremely cute and fun loving hand tamed companion birds and parrots of various species, browse all our birds available for sale. For more information visit our categories including Budgies, Canaries, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Finches, Parrots, Lovebirds, Quails and Baby Chickens. Pet City store staff will also help you choose everything you need for your new bird such as seed and water bowls, cages and stands, treatments and sprays and lots of fun toys. We also stock a variety of premium bird seeds, grit, vitamin supplements, treats and cuttlefish.

At Pet City we offer a large range of birds for sale from budgies, canaries, parrots, love birds, cockatoos, finches, quails and more. Our birds come from all over the Australia, many are bred by local aviaries and home based specialty bird breeders. Each of our stores also have their own trusted contacts.
If your a local bird breeder or have reared a baby bird, one of our Pet City Stores may be interested in buying your birds from you, please contact your nearest store and speak to the manager to see if we are able to take in your baby birds and find them a happy home.

Reptile Frequently Asked Questions and Advice

Can I keep reptiles and/or frogs?
Yes. Legislation allowing private citizens to keep reptiles/frogs was introduced on March 7, 2003.

Do I need a licence?
Yes. Western Australia has no exempt species, so you must have a licence to keep pet reptiles in WA.

Must I be over 18 years old to keep a pet reptile in WA?
No. Applicants need to be aged 14 years and above in order to apply for a Category 2 licence however, for Categories 3, 4 and 5 applicants must be aged 18 and over.

What species can I keep?
You’re limited to a few Western Australian species. The species you can keep will depend on the type of licence you get. See Reptile Licence Categories – Including Species for more information.

Do I need to keep records?
Yes. You must maintain, in an approved form, records of your activities. You must also give to the Executive Director (if requested), in an approved form, reports of your activities.


If you have any further questions about keeping pet reptiles Pet City Staff are happy to assist you and can offer advice on all aspects of keeping a pet reptile.

We also occasionally upload reptile articles to our site with reptile keeping tips and other important information.
For more info about keeping pet reptiles and amphibians in WA please contact our friendly staff at your local Pet City Store and we will be happy to reply back to you.

West Australian Reptiles and Amphibian Pet Licensing Law

If you are considering a Reptile or Amphibian you will need a  Pet Reptile Keepers Licence. In WA licenses are issued by the Department of Parks and Wildlife: You must contact the Department of Parks and Wildlife to obtain your licence prior to purchasing any reptile and bring your valid licence into the store with you in order to purchase reptiles available from the  Approved Reptile Keeping List.

The taking or capturing any species of herpetofauna from the wild by private keepers, farmers and dealers is strictly prohibited and offenders are prosecuted under WA Laws.

Department of Parks and Wildlife Information and Document Downloads

Information – Keeping Reptiles As Pets

Information – Approved Reptile Keeping List – updated 3 September 2013

Download – Annual Keeper’s Return Form – you can view a  sample here.

Download – Reptile Licence Application Form

Department of Parks and Wildlife
Locked Bag 30
Bentley Delivery Centre
Bentley, WA 6983
Phone: (08) 9219 9834
Fax: (08) 9219 8242
Email: [email protected]
Further information on the licensing requirements
is available from DPaW Wildlife Licensing Section.

Pet City Reptiles are NOT available to purchase online.
All reptiles and amphibians for sale are handled by the individual Pet City store where the pets are located.
Prices quoted and reptile availability are subject to change in-store.

  • Pet City only carry reptiles and amphibians in categories 2, 3 and 4. Generally, we do not carry reptiles from Category 5 and never carry venomous reptiles. If you are looking for a Category 5 reptile please search the Internet for more information about reptile dealers who stock category 5 reptiles.
  • Under the Wildlife Conservation (Reptiles and Amphibians) Regulations 2002, it is lawful to keep certain species of Reptiles and Amphibians in Western Australia. Pet City stores carry a range of reptiles at any given time which are available for purchase by customers who possess an appropriate reptile licence.
  • You must obtain the correct licence before you can purchase any of our reptiles or amphibians. Prior to purchasing any reptile or amphibian youmust bring your valid licence into the store with you. Pet City Staff can assist you in applying for the appropriate licence if you are serious about becoming a reptile owner.
  • Licences are managed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife. Applications and further information are available from their website or you can download the application here. All reptile licence enquires or questions should be directed to the Department of Parks and Wildlife from their website.

Pet City stores are located across the Perth Metro area in Western Australia.

Pet City stores provide you with an information and fact sheet on caring for any new bird sold. As a basic guide to ensure your bird experiences the best possible adjustment to it’s new home we offer a few hints and tip in getting them settled, from placing the cage in a quite room away from a window, scattering a small amount of seed on the cage floor while your bird is learning it’s new surroundings to adding toys in gradually as the bird becomes more settled, as well as general health care, cleaning and feeding advice.
At Pet City we aim to give you and your new pet professional care and advice to ensure a long and happy future.

Choosing The Right Bird For You

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