Betta splendens are commonly known as Siamese fighting fish, they are a small freshwater fish popularly kept due to their bright colours, easy care and peculiar behaviour.

Unfortunately Bettas don’t have a long life span, usually only reaching two years old, both male and female fish are quite aggressive and will attack each other, often to the death hence the name. Unless you are an experienced breeder we recommend keeping them individually in a Betta Vessel or just one in a community aquarium of non-aggressive fish. These fish are perfect for children as they don’t require allot of care and the smaller bowl sizes are easy to clean, they also make a great pet for people living in small apartments with limited room.

Things you might need

  • Betta Vessel/Bowl
  • Food – flakes, pellets and live or frozen food
  • Pet City Water Conditioner
  • Pet City Purer Water
  • Gravel/Gravel Cleaner
  • Rocks/Plants
  • Decorations/Ornaments/Backgrounds
  • Fish Net

About Bettas – Siamese Fighters

Bettas originate in the shallow waters of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and parts of China.

Betta splendens is easily the most popular species of Betta bred and sold in the aquarium trade. These captive bred species have become significantly different than the original wild caught specimens they are derived from, having been bred to bring out specific features such as new varieties of tail and fin types as well as unique colours.

Bettas do not need a lot of room, their natural habitat is usually quite small and therefore they are not suitable for large aquariums as they can become exhausted, stressed and even die.

They require around a 2 litre capacity per fish as a general guideline but over 30 litres is too much space, at least one small plant or ornament for the fish to swim around, gravel to trap the fish waste which reduces the amount floating around.

Water treatment to remove chlorine, chloramine and ammonia is recommended and their environment should be kept around 25-27 degrees Celsius.

Bettas are anabantidae which means they can breathe oxygen directly from the air and therefore do not need a filter if they are housed by themselves.

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