Goldfish (Carassius auratus auratus) are fresh water fish. They are among the most popular variety of fish kept as pets because they are attractive, not too expensive and easy to look after. Goldfish are great for children and adults alike and come in a beautiful variety of colours and sizes to suit most people. Did you know, Goldfish can live up to 8 years in a fish tank and even longer in some ponds?

Things you might need

  • Fish Tank/Bowl
  • Food – flakes, pellets and live or frozen food
  • Pet City Water Conditioner
  • Pet City Purer Water
  • PH Test Kit
  • Neutraliser Blocks
  • Filter
  • Gravel Cleaner
  • Rocks/Plants
  • Decorations/Ornaments/Backgrounds
  • Aqua Salt
  • Fish Net

Fancy Goldfish

oranda fancy goldfish


a popular variety with a shortened body, a prominent dorsal fin, a twin tail, a large lumpy growth or crest on the head and elegant, flowing fins. They come in red, chocolate, black, red-cap, red and white, red and black, blue and calico (a mixture of metallic and non-metallic colours).

lionhead fancy goldfish


like Orandas, have a twin tail and a big, lumpy crest on their heads. They do not have a dorsal fin and are mostly red, but black, red-cap, calico, and red and white varieties are also available.

ranchu fancy goldfish


these goldfish have very high, arched tail fins, deep round bodies and short fins.


a deep, round bodies and a long, broad, gracefully folded tail divided into two. Their lower fin is also divided into two.


small goldfish with smooth, soot-like colouring. Often referred to as the Black Moor, they also occur in light red or light orange colours. They have telescope eyes, a double tail and fins identical to the Veiltails.


are a short, narrow Japanese variety with a hump where its head meets its body. It has a forked tail which is divided into two fins. There is a version of Ryukin known as the Fantail, which is seen in both the telescope-eyed and normal configurations.

pearlscale fancy goldfish


is usually silver coloured with large red patches. It has a flat back, fat body and a small-mouthed head. Each scale is swollen and sticks out like a tiny half pearl.

pom pon fancy goldfish

Pom Pons

have swollen nasal appendages that look like frilly balls or pom pons on a hat. There are two types of Pom pon, one with a dorsal fin, one without. Pom Pons are available in most colours. On rare occasions goldfish with four pom pons are produced. These fish are considered very desirable, as long as the pom pons grow evenly in size.

It is estimated that there are more than 100 varieties of fancy goldfish. These include.

Caring for your new Goldfish

Download our printable Goldfish.pdf fact sheet for advice on:

  • Setting up your aquarium/bowl
  • Water changes on aquariums
  • Water changes in bowls
  • Algae
  • Feeding

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