Mice make great pets for anyone with a keen interest in them. They are social but at times they can be shy. As a general rule male mice should not be kept together unless introduced while very young.

Female mice are not nearly as aggressive and will generally get along quite happily.
Mice are naturally curious animals and breeders have sought to enhance these characteristics over the years by mating the most intelligent and friendly individuals together.

Things you might need

  • Mouse Cage
  • Food Bowl
  • Mouse Food Pellets
  • Water Bottle
  • House/Enclosure
  • Toys

Looking After Your Pet Mice

Mice are social animals, they should be kept in groups of two or more. A mouse that lives alone will likely become lethargic and spend more time hiding in his burrow than out playing. Owning two or more mice you will be able to observe the mice play and socialize together as well as the benefit of having a mouse that is healthier and wel adjusted.
Pick up your mouse by softly pinching the base of the tail closest to the body, and lift up the mouse enough to slide your hand under the body. Keep holding the tail even when the mouse is in your palm to prevent it from jumping out of your hand. Mice typically will not jump on to anything if the fall is more than a foot or so, but if frightened they may jump. You should never squeeze the body of a mouse from the sides or try to scoop it up from its cage as you could easily hurt it, remember mice are very small so always use care.When taking mice out of their cage, remember to keep the room you are in secure and close all doors, mice are very curious and fast little creatures that may not be content to just sit in your still in your hand.

Always help and supervise very small children when handling mice and teach them to be a gentle as possible. If you have other pets such as a cat or dog it is best to remove them from the room before getting your mouse out, the fast small movements of a little mouse may be too tempting for them not to chase. The mouse is liking to find even a barking dog quite terrifying.

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