Pet rats are friendly, gentle, affectionate, clean, social, curious, playful, happy and smart. They have a great sense of fun and curiosity and love to play.

Rats make exceptional little pets, providing a similar level of companionship as a dog, in fact they are often referred to as “Pocket Dogs”.

Things you might need

  • Rat Cage
  • Food Bowl
  • Rat Food Pelets
  • Water Bottle
  • House/Enclosure
  • Rat Litter Tray
  • Kitty Litter
  • Toys

Looking After Your Pet Rat

Rats are social animals and do better with the company of at least one other rat of the same sex or a desexed member of the opposite sex. They will spend a lot of time grooming and interacting with each other and will keep each other company when you can’t be with them. Rats bond very closely to each other and their human families, they can be trained to do simple “tricks’ like come when called and beg. Most will easily learn to use a litter tray. A rat’s favourite place is on the shoulder of its owner, joining in whatever they are doing. Rats are not a pet that can be left in a cage all day. They need at least one hour a day of “play time” out of their cage, interacting with their human family. Playing games, exploring around a room, or just cuddling up on your lap while you read or watch TV.

They are also very good travelers but for their safety they should be transported in a suitable travel cage. Very young children should be supervise when playing with thier pet rat, young children can grab and hold rats too tightly, which can seriously injure a rat, teach them to be as gentle as possible and allow the animal to move about freely.

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