Many people find the song of a canary sweeter than that of just about any other cage bird. They would have to be one of the best known breeds of cage birds and have bought joy to many owners who listen to their magnificent whistle

Things you might need

  • Bird Cage
  • Food – seed mix, grit, treats
  • Food and Water Containers
  • Bird Bath
  • Perches and Stands
  • Toys
  • Cuttlefish
  • Iodine Bell
  • Calcium Bell
  • Sulpha-D
  • Wormer/Mite and Lice Spray
  • Perch Covers and Grit Sheets
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Moulting Tonic

About Canaries

Canaries are an easy to maintain pet, requiring little more than fresh food, water and a cage designed to let them hop freely from perch to perch. Canaries are unable to climb around a cage like parrots and budgies, the shape of their beak makes it impossible to hold the bars. Therefore canaries should be given as wide a cage as possible to allow them to jump and flutter from perch to perch. Your canary will at times flutter considerably whilst holding the perch, it will not be able to actually fly around the cage unless it is quite wide. Hygiene is important with all pets, we recommend cleaning your canary cage at least once a week and using sand-sheets or shell-grit in the base of the tray.

Canaries are available in many different varieties and colours, from yellow, green, brown, variegated right through to red and various light shades.

Caring for your new Canaries

Download our printable Canaries.pdf fact sheet for advice on:

  • Cages
  • Acclimatisation
  • Feeding
  • Accessories
  • General Care

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