The Australian Finch belongs to the family of birds known as Estrildidae. They are small, native, grass seed eating birds and although finches are not unique to Australia, it is the Australian finch species, particularly the Zebra Finch, that have become most popular among breeders around the world. Due to their distinctive colour, lively behaviour and quiet song.
Finches are colony birds and prefer the company of other finches in an aviary environment, they can be very timid and generally do not form relationships with people. Most finches will live for about 6-7 years.

Things you might need

  • Bird Cage
  • Food – seed mix, grit, treats
  • Food and Water Containers
  • Perches and Stands
  • Toys
  • Cuttlefish
  • Iodine Bell
  • Wormer/Mite and Lice Spray/Sulpha
  • Perch Covers and Grit Sheets
  • Vitamin Supplements

Looking After Finches

If you plan to house a couple of finches a bird cage should be fine however, finches are best housed in aviaries in groups. The aviary should face north to maximise exposure to the sun but there should be shelter at the rear to provide weather protection for the birds, their nests and the seed. Whatever the type of enclosure being used, it must protect the birds from damp and draughts.

Finches must be supplied fresh water daily and must have access to clean seed and shell grit. Seeding grass heads also make a great treat. Your finch will also love extra treats such as fruit, sprouts, or greens but this should not take the place of a proper seed-based diet. Pre-mixed feeds should be slowly introduced to the diet so we recommend you take a supply of Pet City‘s Premium Small Bird Seed Mix with your purchase of any new finches as our birds are used to this mix. Separate drinking and bathing water facilities are ideal, finches love a bath but will not drink from water in which they have bathed.

Zebra Finch
Gouldian Finch
Star Finch

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