Lovebirds are stout, colourful little parrots about 13cm long with a short rounded tail. There are four species commonly available in Australia with more than 100 colour combinations. Lovebirds acquired their name because of their fondness for sitting in pairs while preening each other’s feathers, they are social, noisy birds that emit a high pitched chirp.

They are constant chatterers and noise is a sign of contentment. Lovebirds live up to 10-15 years.

Things you might need

  • Bird Cage/Aviary
  • Food – seed mix, grit, treats
  • Food and Water Containers
  • Perches and Stands
  • Toys
  • Cuttlefish
  • Iodine Bell
  • Wormer/Mite and Lice Spray/Sulpha
  • Perch Covers and Grit Sheets
  • Vitamin Supplements

Looking After Lovebirds

A cage is suitable for a pet bird if the bird is kept well stimulated by the owner. Birds can be clipped and let out of the cage to interact inside the house. For aviary birds the average structure measures 2m high x 2m long x 1.2m wide in which you could house five or six pairs of the eye-ring species or two or three pairs of Peachfaced. Aviaries should have a covered top and back.

Feed lovebirds a small parrot mix that contains half a dozen types of seed including millet and sunflower seed, birds should regularly be fed greens such as spinach and broccoli, they will also enjoy chopped fruit and vegies such as apples, corn and carrots. Wash all greens and fruit well before giving them to birds. Always provide clean, fresh water for drinking. As these birds will bathe in their water it is a good idea to place a shallow dish of water in their cage or aviary from time to time for bathing.

Nyasa Lovebird
Peach-faced Lovebird
Fischer Lovebird
Masked Lovebird

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