Over the past few years wildlife authorities have relaxed regulations to allow certain frogs to be kept as pets in Western Australia. If you have an appropriate Reptile Keeper’s Licence you can discover just how interesting frogs are as pets.

There are four varieties of frog species available as pets in WA: The Northern Green Tree frog, Western Green Tree frog, Magnificent Tree frog and Western Spotted Tree frog.

Things you might need

  • Tank
  • Heating
  • Water Dish
  • Substrate
  • Filter
  • Plants
  • Rocks/Ornaments


Northern Green Tree Frog

Category 1

The northern green tree frog is distributed through the eastern and northern parts of Australia and prefers a cool damp habitat. This frog is usually a beautiful bright green, with the underside a creamy-white colour. In its adult stage, a female northern green tree frog may reach almost 12cm in length, males are much smaller and less robust than the females. The tree frog’s diet includes spiders, crickets lizards, other frogs and cockroaches. The northern green tree frog is a summer and wet season breeder, before metamorphosing, the tadpoles may grow to about 10cm in total length.

Western Green Tree Frog

Category 2

The western green tree frog is distributed through south-west Australia, it is commonly know as the “motorbike frog” because the male frog’s mating call sounds similar to a motorbike changing up through gears. It is a ground-dwelling tree frog that is able to camouflage itself well and ranges in colours from dark brown, green and gold. The underside is noticeably lighter, and usually is a very pale green to light brown. The tree frog’s diet includes spiders, crickets and lizards. Breeding season is from early spring through to late summer, the tadpole’s grow to 8cm in length.
Magnificent Tree Frog

Magnificent Tree Frog

Category 3

Magnificent tree frogs are found only in the Kimberley region in north-west Western Australia. This frog loves moist environments. and although it’s a tree frog, it is typically found on rocks and will hide out in caves and crevices. The big, fluid filled sac on the top of this frog’s head is a poison gland, the biggest of any amphibian in Australia. Luckily the foul tasting poison doesn’t affect humans, but it does deter birds from eating the frog. Magnificent tree frogs are olive to bright green with whitish/yellow spots over the body and yellow under the feet and toe webbing. The frogs are large, growing to 10 centimetres long, their diet consists of insects of all kinds, earthworms and spiders. Breeding occurs at the start of the wet season in December, females lay large eggs that float in clumps on the water and the tadpoles take 1-4 months to develop depending on conditions.

Western Spotted Frog

Category 4

The western spotted frog is found throughout Western Australia around temporary water courses and swamps in the wheatbelt and other semi-arid regions. This species is one of the more conspicuous in its patterning, the background colour is a medium to chocolate-brown, while the body is coloured with numerous white to pale yellow spots. They grow to around 10cm in length. An adult frogs diet consists of insects, spiders and worms. During the mating season male frogs dig burrows in low-lying areas that become inundated after autumn and winter rains. Males call from within the burrow to attract females after which eggs are deposited at the bottom of the burrows in damp soil. The tadpoles can take several months to develop depending upon the conditions.

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