There are quite a number of wonderful lizards that can be kept as pets in Western Australia. As with any reptile in WA you must have an appropriate Reptile Keepers Licence in order to look after any species available.


Things you might need

  • Terrarium
  • Water Dish
  • Cave
  • Heat Source
  • Gravel
  • Spray Bottle
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Artificial Plants

Category 2

Bearded Dragon

Category 3

King Skink

Category 4

Frilled Lizard

(Frill Neck Lizard)

Bineo’s Gecko

Knob-tailed Gecko

Long-nosed Ta-ta Dragon

Blue Tongue

Marbled Velvet Gecko

Ridge-tailed Monitor


Stripe-tailed Pygmy Monitor

Short-tailed Pygmy Monitor

South-western Crevice Skink

Thick-tailed Gecko

Black-tailed Monitor

Spiny-tailed Gecko

(Northern pictured)

Western Netted Dragon

Caring for your new Lizard

Download our printable Lizard .pdf fact sheets for advice on:

  • Feeding
  • Housing
  • Captive Care
  • Diseases

Arboreal Geckos

Terrestrial Geckos

Bluetongues & Bobtails